CRM Integrations

We have highlighted how Microsoft Dynamics CRM is much more than just a CRM and can actually do more for your business than just manage client accounts effectively. How you can optimise many associated functionalities to create a full-featured integrated business solution that automates your business processes, and includes client intelligence, analytics, social monitoring and reporting, achieving a single customer view. As well as how this will give you insight into all dealings with your customer, in a single location, at a click of a button, as well as full insight into the efforts employed by staff across your business.

Apart from being highly configurable and extensible, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be integrated with other systems in your organisations, whether this may be line of business systems or accounting systems, to reduce duplication of work, to automate processes and to streamline your business.

In addition to integrations with internal systems, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be integrated with your website or mobile applications, to provide customers self-service options, giving them access to latest information on-demand, as well reducing your administrative overhead of managing this for them. This information is synchronized both ways meaning any changes made in CRM are available within the website or mobile applications, and vice versa.

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