CRM Development & Customisation

CRM Development & Customisation

So, you’re using Microsoft Dynamics CRM – and wondering if you’re getting the best from your new investment? Microsoft Dynamics CRM is highly configurable and extensible, and one of the most easy-to-use CRM solutions on the market, and as you know, it can be used both online or on-premises.

You’ll likely already know the basics; that Microsoft Dynamics CRM connects easily with Outlook, Office, Yammer, Lync, and SharePoint (among other applications). What you may not know is that it is much more than just a CRM. It can actually do more for your business than just manage client accounts effectively. You can optimise many of these associated functionalities to create a full-featured integrated business solution that includes client intelligence, analytics, social monitoring and reporting.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to streamline your processes and save you time in your businesses. Are you automating everything that you can? Automation improves efficiencies across your organisation, ensuring that all your resources (including human resources) are deployed to maximum effectiveness. If you’re not already sharing client information and knowledge rapidly across your organisation, you may not be using your new CRM platform to its full capacity.

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Why Us?

Being our core competency, Evello specialises in the development and customisation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With over 10 years experience, and having worked with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since version 3, our focus is on utilising Microsoft Dynamics CRM to create highly functional solutions for organisations with both long and short-term efficiency goals. Having successfully completed dozens of Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects of all sizes over the years, you can trust us with delivering a quality solution that meets all you needs.

So contact us today to schedule your obligation free consult to find out more about how your CRM can be extended to create a full-featured integrated business solution.